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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies


CTSART helps Agribusiness

Companies and institutions that engage in biomedical research using research animals are required by law, and by institutional policy, to ensure the health and welfare of their research animals. Further, they are also required to protect the public against infectious agents or other hazards that may safely exist in the research setting, but that may become a hazard should laboratory security be compromised during a disaster or other event. Through detailed security and "continuity of operations" planning these institutions plan and prepare for any eventuality, which may compromise their operations.

Such institutions characteristically utilize redundant and independent measures to maintain their valuable research animals, even when faced with a disruption of utilities or support. These measures may include such things as electrical generators capable of running on several fuels, stored fuel for the generators, stored food and water, physically hardened facilities, quarters and provisions for on-site staff billeting and redundant communications capabilities.

The CTSART Regional Animal Response Teams are available to public and private institutions upon official request to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security.