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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies


The Region 4 Animal Response Team (R4ART) is one of 5 Regional Animal Response Teams which together compose the Connecticut State Animal Response Team (CTSART) program. Connecticut's Preparedness Region 4 includes 41 municipalities for which preparedness planning is managed jointly by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security (DEMHS) and the Region 4 Regional Emergency Planning Team.

The Region 4, Regional Emergency Planning Team Steering Committee meets monthly and includes representatives of municipalities, state agencies and Emergency Support Functions (ESF), including ESF 11 (animal protection). Dr. Dennis Thibeault and Ms. Donna Duso are co-chairpersons of ESF 11 in Region 4.

To date the R4ART has developed a core group of 23 volunteers, with another 15 in supportive roles. These volunteers include a veterinarian, Animal Control Officers and other volunteers interested in animal protection during disasters. The Windham Region Council of Governments allocated initial funding and now DEMHS has budgeted grant funding for development of an appropriate cache of animal evacuation, shelter and rescue equipment commensurate with the R4ART missions. We are currently preparing to procure these supplies.

The ESF 11 working group has developed relationships with local animal-related businesses such that addtional equipment and supplies may be procured on short notice in a disaster. Additionally, the constituent municipalities have been surveyed to ascertain their readiness to cope with evacuated animals and their ability to comply with Public Act 07-11 which mandates planning for animal evacuation. The working group has also surveryed "fixed" locations where animals may be offered shelter in a disaster. Finally, they have developed a public outreach initiative in which a presence is created at local open houses, festivals and fairs.

07.14.09 Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER)
07.14.09 Registration TLAER 7/09
04.22.09 Region 4 Emergency Planning Team Meeting
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Dennis Thibeault   Dr. Richard Willner
   Region 4 ART Team Leader


Anthony Scalora   Mr. Anthony Scalora
   DEMHS Region 4 Coordinatorr