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The Region 3 Animal Response Team (R3ART) is the operational component of Region 3's Emergency Support Function 11, which is focused on animal response as an element of public health and safety. A component of the CTSART program, the R3ART was the first of the 5 Regional Animal Response Teams to achieve operational status. The primary mission of the R3 ART is to help preserve the public's health and safety through facilitating complete and orderly evacuations.

Failure to evacuate is a major reason people resist or refuse to evacuate when requested to do so by authorities. R3ART is capable of deploying a temporary, household pet shelter for the co-located mass care of the household pets of evacuated or displaced citizens. Currently the team includes 45 CREPC credentialed individuals and a trailer-borne equipment cache able to shelter 750 animals anywhere in the Region.

In keeping with the requirements of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security, all active team members have completed CERT training, as well as a series of online FEMA Emergency Management Institute courses on the Incident Command System, the National Incident Management System and classroom training in animal behavior and handling skills. Many R3ART members have extensive professional experience as veterinary technicians, animal control officers, animal training and handling experts, as well as in public health and safety disciplines.

SART Orientation
     CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) approx. 20 classroom hours
     FEMA online courses
ncident Command System (IS-100, IS-200, IS-700)
Animals In Disaster : IS-10 & IS-11

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REGION 3 Meeting and Events Schedule CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
2/17/11 TBD
4/21/11 Dr. Peter Conserva: Equine Rescue Program
4/23/11 Equine Rescue Program, Practical Portion
5/26/11 Planning meeting for June 3-4 Live Animal Shelter Exercise
6/3-4/11 "Functional Shelter Exercise", East Hartford, Entire Team
7/21/11 TBD
9/15/11 TBD
11/17/11 TBD



For more information on Region 3 ART Team Leader, please click on a name below.

Arnold L GoldmanDr. Arnold L. Goldman
Region 3 ART Team Leader


Howard Asher
Dr. Howard Asher
Region 3 Deputy Team Leader

Mr. Thomas Gavaghan Mr. Thomas Gavaghan
DEMHS Region 3 Coordinator