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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies


The Region 2 Animal Response Team enjoys a strong relationship with the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and similarly the support of the Region 2 Regional Emergency Planning Team Steering Committee. The Region 2 Animal Response Team has a well stocked cache of resources to handle a variety of emergency situations in which animal evacuation may be required.


CTSART Region 2 has one 8x20’ trailer which contains all necessary materials to set up an indoor or stand-alone outdoor animal shelter to house 250 animals and six 6x10’ easily transported trailers which contain enough material to set up a small, indoor animal shelter to house about 50 animals.

All of our active team members have completed CERT Training as well as the required series of online FEMA Emergency Management Institute courses. We hold bimonthly volunteer meetings which rotate among the towns within region 2. Topics include, but are not limited to animal behavior and handling, sheltering, CPR/First Aid, and zoonotic diseases. We also hold periodic training exercises where participants gain hands on practice and experience to facilitate a safe response to animal emergencies.

The volunteers in Region 2 have diverse backgrounds, some of which do not work directly in the animal field. We are always looking for additional enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us if you have any interest in joining the Region 2 CTSART team.

SART Orientation
     CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) approx. 20 classroom hours
     FEMA online courses
Incident Command System (IS-100, IS-200, IS-700)
                  Animals In Disaster : IS-10 & IS-11

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For more information on Region 2 ART Team Leader, please click on a name below.

Chris GargamelliDr. Tyler Roasa
Region 2 ART Team Leader


Dr. Chelsea Anderson
Region 2 ART Co-Team Leader

 Mr. John Field
DEMHS Region 2 Coordinator