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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies

Dr. Tyler Roasa
Region 2 ART Team Leader

Dr. Chris Gargamelli

Dr. Tyler Roasa is a 2010 graduate of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He currently practices small animal emergency medicine at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center. Dr. Roasa is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Evidence Based Veterinary Medical Association, and is a Penn Hip certified veterinarian.

Dr. Roasa has an interest in veterinary disaster preparedness and response and became involved with animal disaster preparedness in Region 2 in the spring of 2013. He serves as the team leader of the Region 2 Animal Response Team and chairman of Region 2 Emergency Support Function 11 (Animal Protection) for the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security's Preparedness Region 2, Regional Emergency Planning Team Steering Committee.


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Dr. Chelsea Anderson
Region 2 ART Co-Team Leader


Mr. John Field

DEMHS Region 2 Coordinator