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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies


SEP 2 – SEP 5, 2010

Region 5 Connecticut State Animal Response Team was officially activated September 2, 2010 by Region 5 DEMHS Coordinator Tom Vannini.  Fifteen large animals including horses, ponies, goats, and a mule were under the direct care of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture when they were temporarily relocated to Newtown, CT due to the possible threat of Hurricane Earl. 

The SART TEAM was requested to assist Department of Agriculture employees set up temporary stalls in the shelter, then feed, water and care for the animals for the duration of their stay and keep the stalls cleaned. The assignment also included shelter breakdown, dismantling of the stalls and clean up of the facility. The team was deactivated September 5, 2010 as the animals were safely returned to their usual location. 

This was a very successful and highly effective response due to the continual training, preparedness, motivation and cohesive efforts of the Region 5 Connecticut State Animal Response Team.






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Donna Cobelli   Dr. Donna Cobelli
   Region 5 ART Team Leader



Donna Cobelli   Mr. Tom Vannini
   DEMHS Region 5 Coordinator