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Providing Prevention Response & Recovery for Animal Emergencies



“A disaster has occurred involving animals. How can I volunteer?“

    A disaster has occurred involving animals. How can I volunteer?

    In order to legally volunteer with a CTSART Regional Animal Response Team, specific training and credential verification is required. If you have not previously had this training and credential verification we cannot deploy you, until the requirements are met.

    We also encourage you not to "self"-deploy for reasons of your own liability and safety, and to minimize the burdens on those at the disaster site who are trying to manage the situation.

    If you have completed CTSART training your Regional Animal Response Team Leader will advise you of training and deployment opportunities. You can learn more at

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“When will there be CTSART training in my Region?“

    See the "News & Events" page and your specific Region's page on the CTSART web site to learn more.

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“I cannot volunteer but I want to make a donation to CVMF to benefit CTSART. How can I do so?“

    Visit the Donations page.
          1. Click on the "credit card" button at the top right
          2. You will be taken to a secure page that will request the
          donation information and ensure that your donation is allocated


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